CIDERM(R) SP Topical Antiseptic Solution and Spray Overview

Ciderm SP Topical Antiseptic Solution and Wound Spray contains an active form of Chlorine Dioxide Complex, (DioxiCare(R)), a relatively new molecular complex that is stable and highly bioactive. It is non irritating to the skin and can be applied as a topical antiseptic on wounds, lacerations, ulcers, incisions, focal infections, hot spots and burns. It also treats such conditions as otitis externa (after cleaning the ear), pododermatitis involving the paws and ringworm. Licking of the lesion should be avoided to ensure the active ingredient has time to act. The antiseptic action is rapid, within minutes, generally by the time the product has dried, penetrated and the chlorine dioxide gas has dissipated.

Because Chlorine dioxide is an oxidant it should not be applied with other medications.

To use Ciderm SP Topical Antiseptic Solution or Wound Spray, clean the wound or affected area. Apply Ciderm SP directly onto the lesion to cover the affected area and allow to dry. Bandage only if necessary. Application may be repeated if needed up to 3 times a day. We recommend twice daily until healing takes place (5-10 days).

The product is available as Drops or Sprays in 1 oz (30 ml) or in an 8 oz (320 ml) Spray Bottle for use in the clinic or on large animals.