CIDERM SP Topical Antiseptic Solution Case Report

guidelines for online posting.


1) Establish a diagnosis of the wound or lesion being treated by any criteria: Clinical signs,Cyolology,Culture or Histopathology.

2) Clean the wound/lesion area as per your usual protocol.

3) Photograph the lesion prior to treatment with a digital camera. Label Day0PreTx

4) Apply Ciderm Topical Antiseptic Solution to the wound/lesion, enough to cover the affected area.

5) Allow the solution to air dry. Bandage only if nesessary or use a collar if animal bites or licks the lesion.

6) Continue treatments up to four times daily (we recommend twice a day) until healing has occurred. The product can be dispensed to the client for use at home.

7) A Post treatment photograph can be taken. Label photo with # days post treatment started. (eg Day7PostTx)

8 Complete the information requested in the Evaluation Form below and click the SUBMIT button.

9) Please email any Photographs or inquires to me at

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1. Doctor.

2 Hospital

3 Address

4 email (optional)

5 Pet's Name

6 Animal Treated Dog Cat Horse Other / Sex Male Female Neutered

Age Breed

7 Condition Treated

8 Diagnosis Based on Clinical Signs Cytology Culture Histopathology

9 Brief History

10 Number of Days Ciderm Spray was used

11 How often per day was Ciderm Spray used Once Twice Three Four Times

12 Response to Ciderm SP Treatment Excellent Very Good Good Fair Poor

13 If treatment was discontinued explain or please add any other comments.

14 Please email Pre and Post treatment digital photos to me at

Thank you for your submission. Cases will be posted following review.

If you have any further questions please email me at or call me at (516) 330-2822

Dr Robert Wilkins ,Veterinary Clinical Pathologist