Ciderm (R) SP - Topical Antiseptic Solution

Case Reports

12 yr Male Weimaraner/Golden Retriever

 Dog presented with acute moist interdigital dermatitis with pruritis of the left forepaw. Treated with Ciderm SP Spray for 5 days with immediate (24hr) relief of the inflammation, redness, infection and itching . Complete healing was achieved in 5 days.

Initial presentation

24hrs Post Treatment

10 yr F/S Whippet The dog presented for a dehisced wound that occurred 11 days after surgical resection of a sarcoma on the left shoulder. The wound was debrided and irrigated with saline and sprayed Ciderm SP Antiseptic spray solution.Treatment was continued until wound closed by second intention after 3 weeks. Case courtesy Dr. Alistair Chapnick :Winter Haven Fl.

Dehisced wound 11 days post resection of a soft tissue sarcoma in the left shoulder region

Wound 12 days post treatment.

Dog 3 weeks post dehiscence in healed state.

5 yr Male Wheaton Terrier.

Presented with pruritic dermatitis with self traumatized, inflammed and infected lesions on the ventral abdomen. Washed with Ciderm SP shampoo and sprayed with Ciderm SP Topical Antiseptic Soln for 7 days. Improvement noted after 2 days.

Pre Treatment

Post Treatment Day 2

Post Treatment Day 4

3 yr Male Terrier Cross

Laceration on the lower right lip approx 3cm. Wahed with Ciderm SP. Owner declined sutures. Cleaned daily with Ciderm soaked gauze sponge.

8 days post treatment wound was healing, clean and dry with no further treatment.

Pre Treatment

Post Treatment (8 days)

15 yr Male Domestic Short Hair

Miliary dermatitis over the right temporal area due to self inflicted trauma from scratching.

Diagnosis based on clinical signs and cytology of a netrophilic inflammation with few bacilli noted.

Treatment : Topical management with Ciderm SP Topical Antiseptic Solution twice daily for 6 days

Pre treatment

Post treatment 6th day

9yr F/S Miniature Pinscher

The dog was attacked by a large dog creating a large open wound on the caudal dorsum.

The wound was debrided and closed surgically.  The wound opened up several days later due to an infection developing.  The wound was then cleansed daily and treated with Ciderm Topical antiseptic solution.  The wound healed without needing surgical closure.

Case Courtesy Dr Alistair Chapnick, Fl

Wound dehiscence 3 days post surgery

30 days post topical treatment.

7.5 yr old Neutered Male Mixed Breed Dog

Ulcerated and bacterial infected hyperkeratotic callus on the right elbow.

Diagnosed by clinical appearance and cytology.

Treated with Ciderm SP Topical Antiseptic Solution for 10 days

Case Courtesy Dr: Kristin Lester, Hoboken Animal Hospital, NJ

Pre Treatment

10 days Post Treatment

Pre Treatment

Post Treatment 7th day

6 yr old Male Bulldog diagnosed with a Staphylococcus auresu (MRSA) hypesensitivity dermatitis presenting with multiple skin lesions including a 3 cm diameter swelling on the thigh. This lesion was treated with Ciderm SP antseptic spray for 7 days. The lesion subsided. Systemic antibiotics a Staph. desensitization was also recommended..

Courtesy Dr.Russell,AMC West,St Augustine Fl.